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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 18, 2014 9:00am-9:31am JST

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welcome to "newsline." al qaeda linked islamist militants are pushing closer to baghdad. they're locked in fierce fighting with iraqi troops and they're using the country's second largest city as their stronghold. militants are battling to take control of bakuva. the fired borders at a police station on the outskirts of the city. sunni extremists have advanced
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in an area where many sunnis live, but they have a large number of shia residents and many have joined iraqi forces as volunteer soldiers. militants on tuesday seized the western bordered town of kaim. they've also taken control of telefar. government soldiers are using land and air attacks to try and reclaim the region. the escalating violence in iraq is forcing japanese businesses to take precautionary steps. some companies have started pulling their employees out of the country. officials at japan petroleum exploration company say japanese workers at an oil field in southern iraq left on monday. but they know production of the ghana field isn't affected by the fighting. they started full oil production there last august. it developed the field jointly
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with the malaysian national oil company. they withdrew all six japanese workers from iraq last week. they have been working on a plan to build an oil export facility together with iraq's state run petroleum firm. u.s. and iranian diplomats discussed developments in iraq on the sidelines of multinational nuclear talks in vienna. a a senior u.s. government official say the belief encounter took place on monday. it appears they discussed aid for al maliki, but the official ruled out the possibility of the u.s. and iran taking joint military action against islamist insurgents in iraq. iran is a predominantly shia muslim region and has close ties with the iraqi government. maliki is also a shia. iran reportedly sent members of the kutz force to fight suny
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muslim militants in iraq. they are part of iran's revolutionary guards. deputy u.s. secretary of state bill burns and the foreign minister are taking part in the nuclear talks. it's believed they were involved in secret negotiations in the past. the u.s. broke diplomating relations with iran in 1980. it's highly unusual for diplomats from those countries to discuss a matter outside of nuclear issues. delegates from iran and six world powers are pushing through to try and ink a deal on iran's nuclear program. they've been meeting face to face since monday. representatives from the five permanent members of germany and iran are at the table. they're working to have an agreement in place ahead of the july 20th deadline. but both sides remain far apart on a number of issues. they still need to agree on the number of centrifuges used in
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uranium enrichment and they're also divided over the lifting of sanctions placed in iran and e.u. spokesperson says both sides are realistic. >> everybody is aware that they're entering a phase of negotiations wi negotiations where things are getting quite intense, so we continue to work as hard as we can. >> analysts say both sides have started to meet with experts to begin a framework for achieving a deal. but iranian deputy foreign minister told reporters there's been no concrete wording for a draft yet. the talks will continue until friday. britain will take a major step to improve relations with iran. the british foreign office announced it will soon reopen its embassy in the iranian capital. >> we will be reopening our embassy in tehran. initially, this will be with a
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small diplomatic team, but it is an important step forward in our relations with iran. >> hague said he'll urge iran to restrict sectarian violence in the middle east. british foreign officials say they expect iran's government will also reopen its embassy in london. britain's embassy in tehran was closed three years ago. iran also shut down its embassy in london at the time. efforts to improve relations between britain and iran were stepped up last year after president hassan rouhani took office. japan's two governing parties have yet to agree on security policies. members want the cabinet to decide on the change before the current diet session ends on sunday. but new party officials suggest
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it will be difficult. the parties held their sempbt round of discussions on the issue. government officials outlined a draft on cabinet approval of security policies. it calls for reininterpreteration of the constitution in order to allow the country to exercise its right of collective self-defense. the change would allow japan to use when a foreign nation comes under attack. officials said they were ready to change the wording flex bly, but officials said it must be examined within their party. the chief says it will be hard to reach an agreement during the diet session considering the pace of the ruling party decision discussions. a rally was held to exercise a right of collective self-defense. organizers say about 3,000 people took part.
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>> translator: if they want to do that, they should not reinterpret the constitution, but amend article 9 of the constituti constitution, which renounces war. >> translator: people akroz cross japan are voicing their opposition. i want to stop speaking out until my voice is heard. >> the protesters later marched toward the diet building. a top humanitarian official of the united nations has a warning about south sudan. more than 7 million people are at risk of hunger and disease. that's more than half the population of the youngest country in the world. life in south sudan has been marred by violent conflicts for the past six months. last week, both sides agreed to end the war and form a unity government within 60 days. u.n. humanitarian coordinator spoke to nhk in tokyo on how the
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violence has affected the people there. >> so much damage. so much trust has been lost. so much bitterness and hatred amongst different communities has come to the surface that that'ven if we have a peace agreement today, it's going to be a difficult 12 months to come for the population of south sudan. >> he said $1 billion is needed to implement the u.n. crisis response plan. he says the crisis there is now in a similar scale as the central african republic or darr forand children are paying a high price. >> what i'm seeing on the ground amongst children, women, communities in the south sudan is as bad if not worse than anything i've ever seen. and so, it is absolutely devastating when you reach a
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community and you see children walking around and they don't know where they're brothers or sisters or their mothers are. >> it's time now for the latest in business news. many investors have been waiting for some new information this morning before they decide where to put their money. we have more on that from our business desk. tell us what are they looking at? >> investors are waiting for japan's trade there that's come out. it's been in the red for 22 months and more were expecting another trade deficit in line with investors expectations. japan reported its 23rd monthly deficit in may. ministry officials said the deficit for last month was about $8.9 million. that's down 8.3% in yen terms from a year ago. the monthly trade balance has been in the red since july 2012. exports dropped 2.7% in yen terms from a year earlier. imports fell by 3.6%.
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investors on wall street bought stocks and sold bonds as inflation data in the u.s. came in higher than forecast. let's check in with ramine. good morning. we saw some in the u.s. bond markets had a ripple effect on stocks and currencies. how are we starting trading in tokyo? >> the rise may lead some to believe that the federal vefr will raise rates sooner than thought. the nikkei, almost up half a percent and trading higher. ending higher, by almost a third of a percent, so we're continuing to positive gains. however, the gains may be muted
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as investors closely monitoring the spill over effect of the rising violence in iraq and what it could mean of course for oil supplies. let's not forget iraq is opec's second biggest oil producer. having said that, the price is a bunch mark west texas intermediate features are still near nine month highs. looking at those prices there right now. $106.56 and some say plans to buy more stocks may also put more focus on japanese shares in the small to mid cap sectors. the government announced on monday its plans to review the waiting of assets within the funds portfolio, so we'll keep track of that as well. regional banks, as well as service sector companies maybe a focus because of that. >> i'm sure the markets will be waiting for the fed meeting that ends today and what's ahead of the u.s. central bank janet yellin may say, but can you give
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us an idea of where currencies are trading now? >> that's going to be a big focus. let's have a look at some of the pairs right now. the dollar yen at 119 p.2. inflation was a focus yesterday, but recent manufacturing in the housing data has been a little disappointing, so investors will want to get some indication on the fed's thinking going forward. the bottom of the screen, 138.4 to 45, now the next is friday's euro zone numbers. that might provide a broader number of economy following the german confidence index, which came out this week, which had little impact. so, we'll see how that data affects the currency pairs dollar yen as well as the euro yen, but a lot of focus on central banks with the fed meeting today. that's going to influence a lot of investors. but for now, the nikkei trading
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in the positive. >> back to you. >> thanks, i'll see you later. when british prime minister david cameron visited china last year, he said strengthening economic cooperation would help improve relations between the two nations. now, cameron and -- have agreed to cooperate in fields such as energy, finance and the environment. >> we have signed deals worth more than 14 billion pounds, securing jobs and long-term economic growth for the british and chinese people. >> the u.k. has advanced technology suited to china's vast markets. together, we can create a huge amount of energy. >> british oil maker bp will supply china with liquefied natural gas for 20 years. cameron also increased chinese investment in a high speed railway system and nuclear power
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plant construction. >> that's all for now in biz. i'll leave you with the markets. japan's government has decided to provide about $80 million to help evacuees return to -- their hometown.
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a reconstruction agency has announced the firm will be give ton fukushima prefecture. it will be used for designing public rental housing for residents building infrastructure for farming and industrial activities and other rebuilding projects. >> we expect the fund to help feed spooed up rebuilding efforts in evacuation areas. >> the central government has earmarked about $1.6 billion to help municipalities return the residents. in april, the government lifted an evacuation order on a district near the plant for the first time after the nuclear accident in march 2011. it had decontaminateded the area to bring down radiation levels. decontamination work has produced a large amount of contaminated soil and debris. the government hopes to build temporary facilities in fukushima to store it.
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environment minister upset residents on monday when speaking about the plan. he said money would be the deciding factor on what happens to the waste. he clarified his comments the next day. he said the key issue is compensation for labs and aid to rebuild lives and local economy. >> i'm sincerely sorry for causing any misunderstanding. >> he said he hasn't changed his support of residents in making sure they understand the current plan, but sato has expressed s displeasure over the remarks. >> i wonder whether the minister truly understands how much the people have suffered. they have been kept from their homes for over three years.
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i don't think he understands their love for fukushima. >> the minister is being sharply criticized by rez depts as well as opposition party members. now, let's check in on the action at the world cup. brazil faced off against mexico in group a. both squadded were evenly matched and fans were on the edge of their seats cheering the host nation on. brazilian players shot at goal 14 times, but could not break open a strong mexican defense. the two teams lead group a with four points and on wednesday, cameroon and croatia will face off. in group h action, belgium met
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algeria. the coach crafted a comeback win for his team. he opened the scoring with a penalty kick. in the 70th minute, a long awaited goal was scored by the belgian, who came off the bench in the 65th minute. ten minutes later, replacement player doris booted in the winner. russia and the korea republic met in another group h match. korea republic's striker opened the scoring in the 68th minute, but in the 74th minute, russian striker alexander karijokiv evened things up and the match ended in a 1-1 tie. belgium is now leading the group with three points. korea republic and russia follow.
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members of the world heritage community are expected to add a 19th century japanese silk mill to their list of sites. designations will be awarded this week. women from across japan are celebrating early by creating a special gift for the mill. >> all the people at the mill are keeping their fingers crossed that the biltding receives world heritage status. built in 1872, it was the first silk mill run by japanese. young women from across japan lived and worked here. the raw silk they produced earned vital foreign currency. the mill closed in 1987, but no one has forgotten its contribution to modernizing japan and the international silken in industry. flowers decorate the mill. tourists anticipate world heritage status.
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>> beautiful. >> these flowers are made from silk cocoons. >> about 60 women from japan made the flower cocoons. they were made by an artist. she was determined to use the -- to create flowers. >> translator: these cocoons won't become raw silling, but i hope they're happy to be reborn as flowers zplchlt you first strip way the many thin layers from the interior.
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each layer will become a petal. it took cocoons to create this rose. cocoons dyed yellow and green were used to create the flowers of the mill. peeling way the many thin petals requires precision. and creating the beautiful balanced flower design requires great focus. >> it's a shame to waste these scraps after the silk worms work so hard to create them. >> work began a year ago as people looked ahead to the world
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heritage designation. the team used 4,000 cocoons to complete the work. the golden light from these blossoms reflect the -- today, the flower cocoons are unveiled. made for the bid for world heritage status, they were handed over to the city. >> i'm very moved by this gift. because it comes from kyoto, one of the greatest world heritage sites. >> we all work hard, flower by flower, because we all wanted to win world heritage status and i'm so pleased with the result. i think it will help japanese people and foreigners to appreciate the beauty of japanese silk.
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>> anticipated status as a world heritage site. >> it's time for the weather. people in the u.s. midwest are dealing with the aftermath of tornados. they were slammed by dozens of twisters that destroyed homes and farmland. >> it was a terrible day on monday. we had 32 reports of tornados in the u.s. midwest and the nebraska was hit the hardest. we have some pictures you. how about the damage? powerful tornados in the town in nebraska, a state of emergency has been declared after two more twisters tore through the town. officials estimated that 50 to 75% was badly damaged.
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the storm was part of a larger system and nebraska was hit by a large hail as large as a softball on monday. the reason for the bad weather is we have a couple of high pressure systems. one here is getting cooler air from canada, where this one is sending warm air from the gulf of mexico, but because of the temperature difference, the weather happens over the u.s. canada border and into tuesday night, the risk of severe weather continues from montana to the new england states, spreading to the chicago as well as minneapolis. the more tornados happen, they will be accompanied by drenching downpours and large hail. no precipitation for the southwest and because of the low humidity, dry thunderstorms could i guegnite in new mexico we have critical fire conditions for the four corners regions and on wednesday, heavy snow showers
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could happen over the northern roc rockies, maybe up to 60 centimeters and the widespread heavy rain and severe thunderstorms over the u.s. canada border, so tornados could happen. if a tornado warning is out, take shelter immediately. evacuate to a basement and cover your head with mattress or cushion and if you see a tornado while driving, don't try to overrun it, vehicles are not a safe place to evacuate. temperatures are as followed. quite hot for many areas of the u.s. 32 in oklahoma city. 36 in washington, d.c. and new york city could be the hottest day of the year so far on wednesday. across japan, we had a tropical storm yesterday, it has been downgraded to a low pressure system, but still continuously spinning out the moisture. the rain is falling heavily over the southern half of the country. it has been dry over the past couple of days, turning wet today. meanwhile, unstable weather
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continues for the northern areas of japan. thunderstorms and hail could be a possibility. more severe weather could happen on the border of north korea as well as china. hail, thunderstorms and drenching downpours are possible. all right, temperatures are as foll follows. 30 degrees in beijing and another hot day for you. tokyo, down to 25 degrees. rain showers expected and down towards the south, in the 30s with thundershowers. across europe, severe weather is still happening over italy and the balkan peninsula and more heavy rain for the next couple of days. quite seasonable in many places with the exception of moscow. your low could be only 5 degrees. quite chilly out there.
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
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"tokyo eye." >> indie central, shimo-kitazawa. selling vintage clothes and knickknacks. also the heart of the independent drama. what's behind the powerful youth appeal? we go looking for answers. >> hello, i'm chris peppler. today, wke


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